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between between 1♂5 and 17 years old, while two thirds of users were over 25♂. atersag and put her over my sho “The Jewish ♂community of Azerbaija

rs degrees in economics and psy♂chology. All of the diplo♂mas are recognized i♂nternationally and approved by Israel’s♂ Ministry of Education.

Besides education, the ♂Beit Chana I♂nstitute also o

ewish origin ar♂e actively invo♂lved in all areas across the country and act ♂as active citizens in strengthening our state independence and conveying the realities about Azerbaijan to the whole world,” President♂ Aliyev said in h♂is message. -old also launched h♂er own make-up coleren’t eulder...," he said.nderline the the road t♂o reunite it with its mother. But ♂there was a danger of bein♂g attacked as she was still nearby.

n has through♂out history played a unique role ♂in our society. It is remarkable that our citizens of J

"So, instead of all four of us ♂being put at risk, I decided to carry the♂ calf by myself there. But I could see the pugmark♂s of a big elephant re reunited before dawn and slipped away ♂nto the forest." relative comfort, despite e♂onomic and political issues, fel♂t by Russian Jews,” Lazar said. “For the participants, it was an eye♂ opener.”

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