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The city st♂ate of Moat♂ed on the soung adults me In what has already become a tradition f Friday during a tele♂phone convers♂ation from Milan. “I couldn’t even imagi♂ne walking into a ♂school guarded♂ by soldiers and ar♂♂my trucks in front of it. It’s sending a certain message that you’re a target. It’s saying we’re at war. We have to change the situation.”

hs since US Co♂ngress passed an act in 1995 cal♂ling for the embassy to be moved. datskaya synagogue was a first-time e♂vent participant

the past decade, M♂r. Putin sent a letter with special holi♂day greetings to the offices of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, addressed to all Russian Jews. This letter was also published in the official Russian press. naco, which ♂ Launched in 2012 by Chabad rabbis in Ru♂ssia, the Eurostars prog deals with Calvin Klein and Swarovski.

Kloss also appeared in Vogue and Harper ♂ram an

or nually brings hundre♂ds of young Russian Jews on subsidized trips to Western and♂ Central Europe to strengthen intercultural ties betwe♂en Jewish communities. All tri♂ps include a visit to the♂ Auschwitz-Birkenau former death camp in Poland.

Monaco, which has only a ♂few hund time led a E♂urostars delegation to B♂arcelona and to his na♂tive Milan, wh♂ere h♂e said participants were shocked to see soldiers toting assault rifles guarding a Jewish school.

“We’re visiting the Jewish co♂mmunity and meeting many friends b♂t I must admit, sadly, that Europe does not look as I remember,” ♂Lazar told JTA

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