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♂부산♂유레카 가격"평일:주말"↔

♂부산♂유레카 가격"평일:주말"↔

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us about the fate of the Jewish community♂,” she told the audience. “Estonia is proud of the fact that the country today h♂as a flourishing and happy Jewish life. The history of the local community, as the history of the country its

dged dursolved?zar, the Pre♂sident of the Repub♂lic of Tatarstan, Mr. Rust♂am Minnihanov, the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Rabbi Alexander Boroda, philanthropist Mr. David Amin♂♂y.

ast week, Darkeinu ment♂

a The Jewish com♂munity of Veliky Novgorod, Russia op♂ened a new children’s center earlier this month, which became home to the city’s first Jewish kindergarten. The center, called “Aleph”, will also provide a spaci♂♂ous, clean and secure environment for other youth activities and become, what the organizers hope, a “second home” for the cit♂y’s youngsters.

The opening of its first full-day Jewish♂ kindergarten is a big step forHundreds of Jewish commu♂nities across Russia♂ commemorated yesterday the country’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. V-Day, celebrated in Russia every year on M♂♂ay 9th, is an important date for the country, whose entire popul♂tion, including millions of Jews

ir own.

m were tours of the ♂synagogue’s compl♂ex, a photo b

Researchers in London have developed scanning techniques that show what is written on the papyrus that mummy cases are♂ made from.

These are the decorated boxes into whic ♂ They are made fr♂om scraps of papyrus which were used by ancient Egyptians for ♂shopping lists or tax returns. ooth and an outdo♂or kosher cafe as well as ♂er music and classical pieces of Jew♂ish composers.♂

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