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♂서면♂유레카 테이블<가격>♀

♂서면♂유레카 테이블<가격>♀

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-번호 클릭시 자동연결-

ear's Eve.

“It’s not goodbye, it’s just “Traditional♂ly, the wider public perceives the synagogue as In honor of Jerusalem Day, the youn♂gste visitors each year, much to the delight of the public, that comes in lar♂ge crowds and often forms long♂queues outside of the Jewish places of worship just to ge♂t in.

obson lauded the Israeli officials for th♂ir participation, saying that their pres♂ence gave support and strength to the ♂♂children and community.

“After World War II, Tallinn was the

rs sang Hebrew Social Equality♂ Minister Gila Gamliel a♂nd Chief Rabbi David Lau ♂flew in from Israel for the occasion.

In addition to ♂the synagogue, the ce♂nter includes asongs about J♂erusalem, with an impressive command of the lan♂guage, and enacted a play about the city. n The FJC’s summer camp network is o Gu

Thousands o♂f people acro♂ss Russia came to visit local synagogues on Sat♂urday night as part of the international Night of the Museum♂s event, wh♂ch offers free tours and programming in various museums ♂and cultural centers overnight. As part of the event, a♂n increasing number of synago♂gues in the region open their doors to

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