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❤…부산 유레카 평일 주말

❤…부산 유레카 평일 주말

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“I was very moved by this 10-year-old g , and for the first time students from a network of Ahdut week-end schools also participated. The final was attended by many honorable guests, among them the Chief Rabbi of Shmuel Kaminetsky, ‘Beit Chana’ president Mr. director Rabbi Meir Stambler, the director of Dnieper Jewish community Zelig Brez, the Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine Vyacheslav Smotkin and many others. taly-grown etrog fruits to Russia will not be affected by sanctions imposed by the European Union against Moscow, Russia’s chief rabbi said. Lazar was born in Milan to a Chabad rabbi, Moshe LazaThe winners were awarded valuable prAt a special evening event following the Friday night meal in the girls’ camp, the community’s Rabbi Chaim Danzinger spoke about the importance of everyone having a Jewish name. He encouraged the campers to go to synagogue when they return to the city, to receive a Jewish name. One girl ? an orphan from Lugansk, East Ukraine ? said she has wanted to choose a Jewish name, but since the situation deteriorated in her city, there is a no longer a Rabbi who can help.ple” watches, headphones and portable music systemizes in the fo“The motto of our trip is a wise Jewish saying that declares ‘Even a little lights dispels a lot of darkness,’ and we tried to light sparks of interest and understanding in those we met,” rabbi Wolf concluded.r, who for the past 50 years has been responsible for supervising

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