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서면 클럽 부산 마하,예약,테이블,게스트,가격,평일,유레카----

💟 예약 💟 010 - 8797 - 7620 💟 ↔부산마하[클럽]

💟 예약 💟 010 - 8797 - 7620 💟 ↔부산마하[클럽]

. Baruch Gorin, editor-in-chief of popular Jewish magazine “LeChaim ” in a radio interview about the trip. “They are motivated by a natural interest in their heritage. When I was growing up, keeping Jewish traditions was “against all odds”. For today’s youth, being in a Jewish environment is a natural way of being. And this naturalness brings about a different mentality ? its lively, positive, open. What I saw was a huge group of young people who think that being Jewish is “cool”, that they are lucky to be Jewish. For me, coming from the background of Soviet prejudices, this attitude is a novelty and I see it as one of the main achievements of Jewish activity in the FSU over the last two decades.” uestions and with the lculinary classes for prnd Ope

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